Marketing Maven

During my spring 2008 semester, I was involved in 'Services Marketing Management,' which gave me the opportunity to work on a semester-long project within a creative consulting group. Our client was Vibe Café, a non-profit organization based out of Trenton, NJ. The organization was more of a concept at the initial meeting, and the goal was to provide the analyses needed to obtain potential funding for revitalization efforts in New Jersey's capital, specifically that of downtown Trenton.

What began as a one-woman run show quickly developed into a full-scale operation when our group took over. Starting from scratch, we frequented the area to get a feel for the current situation and the possible potential markets that could thrive. With the realistic goal of reaching a college-aged target market, we surveyed students on campus about their current perceptions of the area, and focused our marketing and advertising recommendations from these responses. We provided an external and environmental analysis of Trenton, as well as other towns who have implemented successful revitalization efforts (as a benchmark).We created the vision and mission statement, rebranding (Trenton Vibe), logo, marketing plan, competitive analysis, advertising and marketing proposal to present before private investors and state officials.